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Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is increasingly recognised as one of the most significant factors in organisational success.  Companies are recognising a wide array of advantages for both employees and employers. These initiatives promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being among staff, resulting in reduced absenteeism, enhanced productivity, and improved morale.

Research has shown by fostering a positive company culture, an organization's commitment to its employees' well-being leads to increased job satisfaction, and employee retention and has a direct impact on the bottom line.  

How it works:

If you are looking to invest in your employee wellness, please reach out to book an initial assessment.  We offer bespoke and tailored services depending on your requirements.  This could be everything from team building, end-of-year days out, corporate desk massage or performance coaching and stress reduction workshops. 

African Touch - Corporate Massage 

With strong hands, big hearts and wide smiles, this team of African ladies are trained and skilled in the art of massage.

Confident and proficient these ladies are experienced at working in the corporate environment, providing a safe, comprehensive and professional service. With their natural healing abilities, this team of trained and skilled African Ladies use a special 15-minute head, neck and shoulder massage to leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and revived!

The massage is done fully clothed, with no oils for maximum convenience and can be done at the employee workstation.  Our massage is specially formulated to reach those areas which build up tension & and anxiety, release endorphins and increase a sense of calmness, as well as a host of other health benefits. It is perfect for the work environment to improve performance, and contribute to a happy work environment.

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Previous Clients

The Argus 

The Argus Private party


SAPS police

The Natural and Organic Expo

The South African Wedding Expo

Habari Media

Kind Words:

‘I'd like to thank you and all the ladies at African Touch for providing an outstanding service at. For stressed out employees there is no better way to relax than to receive some much-needed attention to those tight muscles. I found your service to be especially efficient upon set up and it continued to run effectively throughout our event. As someone who experienced the massages first hand, I can honestly say it hit the spot! The fact that it was non-evasive and didn't require any oils or creams yet still gave you the same satisfaction as a traditional massage really made it stand out. In particular the masseurs were very welcoming and their subtle yet strong technique made us putty in their hands after just 5 minutes! Thanks once again for coming out and meeting our requirements without a fuss, I would highly recommend you to any corporate or events planner needing to destress.’


If you would like to book the African Touch Team please reach out for an initial assessment. 

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