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The dark and light side of entrepreneurship

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

As #entrepreneurs we carve our own paths. The road less travelled is exciting and #exhilarating for us. We hold great values in #freedom, #adventure, autonomy of time, #ambition and not being limited by the ‘should’s’ of this world. We are gifted with razor sharp intelligence, quick decision making skills and the resilience required to take big #risks which can often lead to great rewards (although not always :))

Our brains never stop working, searching for new #ideas, quicker, smarter ways to do things and we are fuelled by an inhuman amount of energy.

So why do many entrepreneurs often end up feeling #burnout, overwhelmed and feeling as if their business is running them?

It can be lonely running a solo mission, juggling multiple hats and often the very reasons we started being an entrepreneur ends up being the things we struggle with.

Here are a few learning's I have gathered along the way. Some are through personal experiences and others are based in the #neuroscience of peak #performance… (Check The Flow Research Collective)

  1. Never enough time?

If you feel like you are constantly working but not achieving the results; focus on leveraging your results, not your time.

Time is fixed but the results that can be achieved in that time, are not!

Instead of working harder and more hours, take a step back and look at what gives you your best results, then double down on it (think 80/20 Pareto’s law.)

Ruthlessly delegate, automate or get rid of high time absorbing activities that produce minimal results. Taking this approach doubles productivity, gives you back your time and allows you to work in the high impact areas.

  1. What do you want?

Seriously, what do you want? Probably one of the most powerful #coaching questions when considered with the weight of importance that it requires.

  • What is the life you want?

  • How many hours do you want to work?

  • What makes you come alive?

Allow yourself to #dream bigger than you think is possible.

Ask yourself why are you not there now? What is holding you back… Then fix it!

Get the help, support, knowledge or resources to change it, the quality of your life is dependent on this.

3. Back yourself

Self doubt and #indecision are the biggest time wasters and a major contributor to burnout. In my experience when we commit, extraordinary things happen.

Know what you are good at and know what you aren’t…. Often we don’t always see our skills as #strengths because they come so easily to us, however, when we utilise our natural abilities and apply them we achieve mastery quicker. Research shows by focusing on our strengths and skills shows it has a significant impact on #well-being and #fulfillment.

4. Find your people.

Find the people that get it and who get you. People you can be real with, vulnerable and laugh with. The people who remind you of who you are and the brilliance you bring. As human beings we thrive when we feel loved, seen and respected.

As a coach I love working with entrepreneurs who are committed to having an extraordinary life, if the status quo doesn’t fit and you are interested to learn more please reach out or book a slot with me:


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