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Is the Mistress of Mediocrity playing with you?

This piece is written for those of you who are stuck in ‘golden cage’ seduced by the mistress of mediocrity…

When people ask you how you are doing your response is fine… and it really is! Not bad not good… But something is gnawing inside of you, the voice of longing calls.

Something stirs inside telling you there is more to life, a bigger impact to play a yearning to be more and do more. Yet you have no idea how to get there, whether it’s possible and even if you have the right to think/dream of such things.

Let me introduce you to the villain of our story…. Each of us live with a ‘Inner critic or Saboteur’ in our heads.

It can sound very realistic, that it wants to look out for your welfare ‘Don’t go for your dream…. You are just about to be promoted!’

Or other times it will just be plain mean… Don’t be stupid, of course you can’t do, you are too old, not good enough, not enough experience… The list goes on!’

The tragedy, is to spend our lives letting the Inner Critic be the master… What would happen if you let go? What would open up? What would be possible?

For some a glorious vision, others a blank canvas to create on…

When we let go of the Inner Critic, doors start to open…. I see in my clients, when they step into the space of the possible and start living and being from this place, unique changes occur… They look different, sound different, hold themselves differently, their cheeks flush up and have an energy which cause people and things to gravitate towards them.

It undeniably powerful and radical changes occur in this space… What once seemed like the impossible or ‘just a silly dream’ starts to become a reality and the Mistress of Mediocrity no longer holds her allure….

It has been replaced by a ‘marriage with the Majestic’

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