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In pursuit of pain.

For the last few weeks, I have had a fascination with people that go through huge pain in order to achieve their #goals.

Most of us shy away from #difficulties and choose a more comfort-centric approach.

However, regardless of who you are, you can not escape the certainty that life will throw difficulties your way.

This got me thinking. Personally, when challenges come I have always viewed them as a #gift, an opportunity to grow. And if I look back I have certainly done a lot of growing!

However, instead of the ‘deal with it when it comes’ approach. What if we actively and almost aggressively pursue pain.

I am not talking about S&M stuff here… but if we put ourselves at the coal face, under circumstances where we are required to dig down to all we have and give everything. What could be possible?

Something I have learnt about human #potential is that it is almost always ignited through breaking through preconceived #limitations.

What these limitations are, is different for every person. However, by actively pursuing our edges and choosing to be ‘all in’ with life, we feel more in #control. We are prepped for knowing the pain will come and we choose to be #stronger than it.

I have seen in my own life and that of my clients, this perspective helps to decrease our adversity to #risk, we become more comfortable with #uncertainty (a valuable commodity today!) We develop more #agility and #resilience. And #fear is replaced by #motivation….An elixir for today's burn out and defeated society.

In short it seems as if we get to choose challenges in life or they end up choosing us.

I would love to hear some of the challenges you have chosen and how it has supported your growth.....

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