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How rich & emotionally attuned conversations build connections in our brain so we show up powerfully

Anyone looking to evoke new patterns in their thinking and in their life can be confident knowing that scientific proof continues to support coaches who use comprehensive and interactive tools.

Science has revealed that when the brain is influenced by the chemicals associated with stress, it is less creative and less able to think of long-term solutions.

When we start to engage in rich and fruitful conversation that are emotionally attuned and non-directive it builds positive neural connections in the brain.

How would it feel to be seen through a lens of magnificence?

Where focus is placed on the possible?

Words that connected conversation with a present and open coach cannot help but have a positive impact on the brain… this in turn leads to improved relationships and greater capacity to show up more powerfully in the world.

The majority of us have genetically driven wiring to respond to our environment from a place of protection which can often be fear led. When we face difficulty we look at the problem from the same energy we are in… this is a hard space to create from.

As a coach, I will work with my client to go to a space where they are full of capacity and vision, I dig for values and gain an appreciation of the impact this human being wants to create or the impact of their situation.

From this place doors open and answers become available to the client, which may not have previously been accessible, at this point they can look to support themselves around accountable next steps.

Enter Einstein Quote ‘We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.’

If you are stuck in an area in your life or you are ready to excel and want to give coaching a try… book a complimentary sample session with me at:

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