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From powerless to powerful.

I wanted to take some time to share some of my personal journey of #transformation and #growth and why I am so #passionate about the work I do. I don’t often share from my personal perspective, as for many years I wanted to leave it as far behind me as I could.

For longer than I care to admit, I lived a life where I felt #disenfranchised with no #authority to make changes. Whilst naturally a confident person, I was doubting and self critical. I have memories of being in London, wiping away tears on the tube in hopes no one would see. I felt #alone and #directionless. I harboured a secret fear that there was something wrong with me, as no matter how hard I tried I could not seem to get the results I was looking for.

Society’s version of #success seemed to be just out of reach. Like the proverbial dangling carrot, I always felt close but frustrated at not ‘getting there.’

My solution was to just try harder….. but it left me #burnout and #exhausted and feeling #lost. I didn’t realise but the continual ‘trying’ and pushing made things harder. There was no space, peace or flow in my life. I felt overly responsible for everything and felt like I was getting it wrong all at the same time.

I realised I had to start doing things differently, so I started to listen. I listened to my #body, my #desires and followed the breadcrumbs of my #intuition. It was a very different way of being in the world. In doing this, life changed quickly and dramatically. The opinion of how I saw myself and the #value I could offer to those around me was continually supported, the more I stepped into my truth. I learnt that each one of us is unique and special, that we all have innate #talents and #gifts, and by utilising and trusting in these #skills, the path becomes #easier and clearer.

There is no one way to live life, we have many paths we can choose, but by listening to my intuition and taking small steps to follow it, I found an internal #guidance system nudging me to the next step. I don’t believe anyone has all the answers, we are learning on the way. But by understanding and knowing what allows you to thrive in this world we create a roadmap in which to live.

My story is one of #powerless to #powerful and in its sharing and the doing the work I hope to inspire and support others to do the same. This journey can not be done alone and together we support and inspire. In a safe and supportive way we hold the biggest #vision for each other, reflecting back the greatness we see in each other and hold each other accountable for who we are.

Doing this work has given me a deep #connection to my #purpose, #self-esteem, and the reclamation of self, it has supported me in my #business, #relationships, and #life.

How to know when you are living a life that might not be helping you thrive:



Always doing a lot but feeling like you are not making very much progress




Your life is led by ‘to do’s’

What can be possible:

Greater passion and aliveness

Aligning with work that matters and feels meaningful

More #security - emotionally, #financially.

More flow and ease

Enjoy more #intimacy and connection in your #relationships

Trust in yourself and your decisions

If you would like to connect and learn more about this please contact me or book a complimentary session:

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