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Can you be flawed and still be a great Leader?

I heard this question the other day and it sparked something inside of me. We look to some of the most effective leaders…. Steve Jobs , Richard Bransons.

They were not without fault yet it was their capacity to overcome hardships led them to great success. We are all flawed, yet our ability to take accountability and responsibility will determine how much mastery we have in our lives.

Looking at recent stats it shows 77% of organizations report they're experiencing a leadership gap and 85% of Employees are not engaged in the workplace.

There is a need for humanness in leadership today. We have moved from an authoritative working style which people respond less and less too. The best most effective results have been seen from Leaders who portray authenticity, accountability, leading with a purpose and visibility.

With the current challenges of what is happening right now it easy to get lost in the bottom line… yet stats also show that a good company culture Increases revenue by 4X.

When I think of the people of successful leaders they are visionaries... They have an extraordinary way of connecting with people... They light fires in people. They manage to see the big picture.... yet.... and this seems to be the most important piece.. they see people, they listen, they take time to connect. They understand the importance in valuing the individual.

This is can be in the hard conversations too. Managing to maintain compassion, wisdom and respect for others and themselves even in the face of having to let people go or in times of conflict. Understanding everyone faces the challenges that life holds.

I would love to here from you... Please let me know your thoughts.

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