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Are we moving towards a more human-centric culture in order for organisations to survive and thrive?

When looking at organisations that thrive they have a very consistent theme that runs through their organizational thread. They are human-centric… They recognize that producing the best products is reliant on their company culture and putting their employees first.

Looking at Zoom (I think most of us are fairly familiar with the technology by now!) .

'They help employees grow in their careers by investing in their professional development. They provide mentors who teach them all about the culture and vision. Each team member also participates in all-hands quarterly meetings at each office. And they are encouraged to share why a coworker has made a difference and shown leadership.'

They have a clear vision purpose and strategy for getting there… They onboard and enroll all their staff onto the vision and support them with development in achieving their goals, so they feel part of and valued.

We see this with similar organisations such as Google, Hubspot and Bamboo HR

One of the biggest challenges organisations have to face is retention and engagement of talent. It is said nearly half of UK employees will change jobs within 3 years and 85% of the UK global workforce are not engaged at work.

That means employers are paying 15% of their staff for their work that is being done. In terms of efficiency this would calculate as the primary drain in an organization. As a solution organsation continually keeps looking for an elusive 15% to hire.

A more sustainable solution is to look at what is not working and why people are so disengaged. Traditionally it has been a stakeholder first thinking yet when we create a human-centric approach the results is an inspired workforce is surely one of the greatest commodities an organization can have.

What are we learning now and how are things changing?

With the impact of covid, culture within organisations is more necessary than ever. When we place more autonomy and trust in employee’s capabilities. Give them the structures they need to flourish and place emphasis on building a culture which has a human focus lens with a business mind, we see organisations thrive. When we view people as whole people with their full range of emotions, skills and give them the space to be listened to and heard, they feel valued.

We are emotively led beings, people want to invest in organization who are purpose led and have a vision and who believe in their people. When organization see their employees as their biggest asset this has an accumulative effect on revenue growth, innovation, client satisfaction and employee engagement.

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