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Coaching for Organisations:

I work with employee's through to senior leadership, offering individual coaching, workshops and programs specifically designed to create psychological safety and to bring the best out in teams and individuals.   By focusing on the competencies needed to build high-trust, human-first workplaces, coaching helps to build a sustainable, thriving work-culture with well-being at the heart. 

Employee Coaching

I work from a human centric perspective to bring out the best in employees. 

By providing a space of psychological safety, I work with individuals to hone strengths and minimise challenge areas.

Leadership & Management

I work with managers at all levels to help cultivate their personal leadership style along with an empowering mindset needed to enable them to thrive in uncertain environments.  . 

Programs & Workshops

I put together specifically designed programs to meet the needs of your organisation. There is dedicated one to one supportive after care for employees to ensure sustained growth

For more information and to organise an initial consultation please contact me


  • Thriving in Change & Uncertain environments - Developing resilience

  • Cultivating Empathetic Connection

  • Adaptively Maintaining Personal Well-being

  • Impact-led & Purposeful Engagement

  • Generous, Authentic Leadership - Empowering managers to lead from a place of authenticity

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