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Coaching to create change

I work with individuals that are not interested in the status quo.  People who are ready for big change, but feel uncertain of the direction, or lacking the confidence to make it happen.

Together we will build a trusting, connected relationship, to untangle and unblock the limitations that have been holding you back, to create a life of more freedom and empowerment on your own terms.


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How it works:

Instead of simply focusing on your feelings, your work or your mindset, I aim to bring awareness to, and work with the whole person: including all the facets of life in our sessions. As human beings we are complex. Each of us have multiple facets – physical, emotional, cognitive, imaginative, and therefore in order to thrive each  of these components need to be taken into account.

1-1 Signature Program:

Together we will work on a one to one to gain clarity on your vision and mission, we will dissolve the blocks holding you back, forge unstoppable confidence and create a roadmap to get you to your goals.  Book your complimentary session HERE to find out more.

6 week Intensive: 

This is a program where you will be in a micro group, between 2-6 people.   It is specially designed this way to create intimacy, support and accountability.

It is for people ready to make radical change, but a little nervous to do it.  Change can be tough and isolating, in the group program you will build important connections and be held  to create unstoppable change.  

We will have an interactive workshop once a week for 6 weeks, you will be paired with an accountability partner and a group whatsapp for a support structure, as well as exercises to help you achieve your goals.   My intensive is the perfect opportunity to create bold and courageous change.  Want to learn more?  Click HERE

Want to learn more?

If you are interested and would like to learn more please book a complimentary session with me.

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