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Silver Stardust

Cultivate an Empowering Mindset.

Learn practical tools on how to deal with adversity and use it as a catalyst for your potential.

What it is about:

I have an 1.5 hour interactive workshop teaching practical tools on how to deal with adversity and use it as a catalyst for our potential.  

Come away with:

  • How to create change from a more systemic  level and break the cycle of repeating the same problems and behaviours.

  • Gain confidence and self esteem and an understanding of how to cultivate this on a sustainable level.

  • A radical new way to look at challenges, that creates excitement and energy instead of being trapped in a cycle of negativity.  

  • A deep understanding of what drives you and your behaviours and needs.

We can't always change what happens to us in life.    It might be easier to think the instagram version of life is how it 'should' be.  However, an unpopular truth is life will continue to present challenges.   It is not an indication you are doing anything wrong or failing, it is just the nature of life.    Having said this, the way we show up to these challenges has a profound effect on our level of well-being and contentment.


Often we try to change our external during challenges, 'if I could just get xxxxxx it would be ok....'   In my experience and after having the privilege of working with individuals over the last 6 years to create transformative change, it starts within.  When we cultivate an empowering psychology you will be surprised at how life can change quickly and rapidly.

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